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You aren't in between worlds, you are learning to become whole inside your vessel... combining heaven (soul)and earth (body) until the light has exposed all of the darkness." - Brigette Patton


Right now, the ones who have awakened are holding the space for others to complete this process of Soul Embodiment... The more who choose to step fully into this reality will then receive the next steps in the transformation on the planet... We complete the embodiment process but then continue to expand after. You float OUTSIDE your body while still being connected inside, to the emotions and compass to navigate through the earth experience... The ones that are feeling confusion are still transitioning. Once this is complete, there is no feeling of spreading between worlds because you are whole WITHIN. There's no exhaustion because you're DIVINELY connected, drawing on universal source energy. You honor your BODY'S needs, to continue to have a vessel for your soul here and anchor Source energy into the world while mirroring unconditional love to those around you... Each of you are well on your way and being in the space shows that you are near to completion 😇. This is the MOST exciting time to be on the planet in a human body!!!! We are learning to channel more and more of the Divine energy to CREATE what is stored/locked inside of our cells... They are dormant, but WAKING UP. Each molecule of light energy we allow inside moves out lower/primal/survival energy in order to make room for these upgrades. Have hope, faith, perseverance that you are EXACTLY where you're meant to be and this feeling PASSES 🌟.

If this sounds like YOU, then my Soul Embodiment Tribe is likely EXACTLY what you need to assist you THROUGH this process.

Sometimes we get into a place and we get stuck. We have nothing but the desire to climb our way past, around, or out of where we are at. In those moments all we need is for someone to mirror or reflect back to us the unconditional love that is readily available to all of us through the Divine. In order to reach that we must be ready to open ourselves up and address parts of our ego that have brought us to this point. A point where we can finally become balanced and unified within. A place where we feel safe, hopeful and trusting of where the Divine is leading us. This is that place.

As many have foretold, there is an evolution occurring within humanity's consciousness. In fact we are already right in the middle of the shift. In these times our awareness is expanding and our human aspects are being released and allowing for us to become fully embodied by our Spirit. With each passing moment we are being asked to follow our hearts and learn to love in an unconditional way. This love starts and ends with us. We must learn to accept all parts of our SELVES and once we do it dramatically shifts our realities.

My soul purpose is to provide people with an opportunity to connect to their inner guidance. I have learned many techniques throughout my journey that have enabled me to reconnect time and again to that small whisper that is given by our hearts. My desire is to share this gift with others who are ready to embrace the beauty and joy that comes from creating our reality through the Divine.