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Every once in awhile, we come across something that really resonates with us. Sometimes it’s an image, an experience, or someone’s words. In the right circumstances, words can ring true within every cell of our being. When that type of connection has been made, it is a sign from the universe that you are on the right path and that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing. The further we travel along this way, the more things will resonate with us. The more we resonate with our surroundings, the higher our vibration becomes. It is always a blessing when we can find this in a book. Books have a unique ability to ring true with people in other vibrational fields more so than most other experiences. Sometimes, when I pick up a book, or I see the cover in front of me, I just know that book is made for me. I know that I will resonate with the information inside of it and it will connect with me on a Spirit-level. If you have gotten as far as reading these particular words, then this book was made for you. You are meant to read these words, and they will resonate with you deep on a Soul-level. We attract in our lives what we need when it is meant to be. The words in this book are a candid and transparent representation of real-life Ascension. Brigette takes the mundane and makes it extraordinary. She brings you deep into her soul so that we can actually feel her processes as she works through day-to-day life. As we read—we feel what she feels. We resonate with her words and begin to rise to vibrate at her frequency. She makes it easy to look past the outer layer of her struggles and accomplishments and invites us to move deep within the inner workings of the Soul. By connecting, we can amplify. It is a true honor that she has been willing to take us on this journey with her. So if you are holding this book in your hands right now, get ready for your own Journey. Like ships in the harbor, we all rise together! Namaste.
~Qat Wanders, author of Overcoming Chronic Pain Through Yoga January 6th, 2018

"I stood there and cried. It was a waterfall of emotional connection that I had been hiding from for a long time. I cried for being strong when I thought I couldn’t be. I cried for not listening to my intuition. I cried for feeling like I failed to protect my son. I cried for the guilt that had been carried on my shoulders for the entire time. This release opened my chest up in a way that I had needed for so long that I hadn’t even noticed that the pressure was suffocating me. It was that moment when I finally understood the importance of healing for every being on the planet. Healing that people had no idea that they needed. People got used to the disconnection from their feelings and shutting them down in order to survive. I never could have imagined the freedom of releasing those emotions from my body. I had refused to cry when it all had happened because I thought it was a sign of weakness. It took the safety and protection I felt with the horses to allow me to SEE who I really was. This undoing of my old self was what showed me that I had been snuffing my light out for too long and I wanted to be able to hold the same sacred space for others to feel the joy of refreshing their connection with Spirit. Clearing all of the old belief systems about myself had catapulted me onto the path of spiritual awareness that I am now on. It had deepened my understanding in such a way that I knew this was my purpose to be the bridge for others to experience what it felt like to fully step into their authentic selves and love the skin they were living in."

Excerpt from my book: Soul Massages: A Journey of the Spirit

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“I was guided to this book’s light through the course of my own soulful growth, and before learning the true depths of the kaleidoscopic beauty of the soul. It was the authentic love, light and space that Brigette graciously provided that reacquainted me with the notion of being real . . . authentically and vulnerably real. Some of the most beautiful moments of personal growth occurred within the space that was cultivated by the author’s strength and light. Once I read the journey through which her gift was integrated into her essence, it became even more apparent that she is the manifestation of my own universal intention of enjoying this life as a soul embodied being as intended. Brigette Patton is a beautiful example of the divinity within each of us.” With so much love, admiration and gratitude,
~ Danielle Tooley Montegut; Louisiana, USA; Author of: “Down to the Bare Bones: A Soulful Memoir Exposing the Unfiltered Truth of Neisseria Meningitidis

“Soul Massages” is a masterful story-guide, overflowing with truth, inspiration, courage, and hope to awaken of the soul and embrace your newly designed life, in the making, you love. No longer will you live in fear, regret, shame, anger, comparison; you are free and “Soul Massages” shines the light on the path to the life you’ve always wanted, and wisdom to no longer give your power away. This book is the best kept secret, you need to discover!”
~Debra Sue Warshefski, MPA, MTHS, MG, CPCP

“Brigette Patton’s book is a breathtaking testament of her Truth. Her words are captivating; they are real and heart felt. They invite the reader to join along on her spiritual journey. A journey that you soon realize is familiar. Brigette’s courage becomes your courage. Her Truth allows you to find your Truth. This book is a must have for anyone looking to find understanding and support during the exciting time of awakening.”
~ Danielle Raitt; Soul Embodiment Tribe Member