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From Panic to Peaceful

My name is Lacy Foulks and I have always been a very spiritual person. I’ve always believed in God loved having my faith lead me throughout my life. I am a wife and Mother to 3 beautiful children. When my second child was born they wouldn’t let me see her, apparently she was blue and non-responsive at birth. I’ve never prayed harder I just wanted my baby girl in my arms at home. God heard my prayer and she healed enough to go home, I was beyond elated! After a few months she started having trouble breathing again and we found out she needed open heart surgery. Again I turned to my faith and knew that God would get her, and us, through it okay. Once again, she beat the odds and was doing great! Two years later, sadly the same symptoms cropped up and she fell sick again and had to have a second heart surgery. I was heartbroken, but trusted in my faith that she would be healed and we would never have another scare like this again. Of course she did amazing and healed wonderfully we could finally lead a “normal” life!

I lived for my faith and teaching my kids about living in the light and love of God. We were just your everyday average family, it was all I wanted. Then, my world came crashing down when my daughter was 9 years old. She developed a rare autoimmune disease that we watched her little life fade almost daily. I was so angry and hurt that this could happen again to her! I didn’t want to pray I didn’t want to see the light, I felt angry and lost. I have never felt such a helpless feeling, as a Mom you’re supposed to be able to help and fix the problems, so why couldn’t I? I couldn’t see joy in anything, I was just angry. 

I got to a place where I knew I couldn’t do this anymore, I hit my knees one night to pray. I HAD to get that light back in my life again I literally begged God for help. That night I had a dream that gave us all the answers we needed to help my little girl get all the help she needed and what doctor to take her to to help her. I KNEW at that point that God has my back always. 

One night my daughter was having a rough night during what we call one of her “flares” I laid her down and took her through a meditation that I have developed and halfway through she was sobbing. When I finished I asked her what was wrong, she just sobbed that “she has never felt that peaceful in her life ever before” I knew in that moment that I was meant to help bring peace to people who are ready and wanting it in their life. That’s when I signed up for “Crack the Safe” I learned so much about my gifts and how I have been given this gift to help others who are ready and open to hearing the messages meant for them. I know from personal experience how it feels to be a “lost” Mom and desperate for someone else who “got” it to help me. I also know how wonderful it feels to come out on the other side a stronger and more positive person. 

I have developed an 8 week program that is focused around you and how to shift your perspectives on difficult times I work one on one with you and help teach tips and tricks to bring your life back into the light. From journaling to meditation you will be getting in deep with yourself and learning ways to hear the messages that God/Spirit has just for you. 

If this sounds like that “something” you’ve been searching for feel free to email me at or find me on Facebook at B.E. (Butterfly Effect)