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By: Brigette | October 05, 2018

Rather than go deeply into the obvious of it being fall and this season having the energy of letting go, I'm going to talk about harvesting and gathering the energy from within that will take you far into this next cycle of earth traveling around the sun. Up until now you have been collecting, gathering and growing in wisdom to set you on your trajectory in this season. What's unique about this time period is that your "New Year's Resolutions" will be revealed clearly as to what your focus should be for this upcoming year. This is a time of letting go BECAUSE it is in preparation for the new beginnings being presented by Spirit at this time. Whatever will serve your highest purpose for this next leg of the journey is ready to be r...

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By: Brigette | November 26, 2017

Over the past two weeks we have gradually been going through a "contraction energy" (pulling all your energy inward like a magnifying glass on the EGO) experience. When we sense this happening in our reality, it is a good idea to become aware of some opportunities that may present themselves in these times.  First, there is typically a large "surge" of expansion energy that precedes the contraction.  We are ALWAYS "pulsing" in rhythm with the Universe.  When we reach higher vibrations, there is a triggering of events that occurs to "make room" for a permanent foundation in that higher dimension.  We begin to "contract" and lower vibrations are "squeezed out" to ...

By: Brigette | October 26, 2017

When we begin to awaken on a whole other level of awareness and consciousness, it is safe to say that we all could benefit from going through all of the vibrations/energy that we feel in our bodies and discover what the true meaning behind what we are feeling MEANS to US. To simplify what is happening let's take a moment and contemplate where we learned to interpret our "feelings" in the first place.  As we are born into this world (and even in the womb) we begin to recognize how "others" (most time our parents/mentors/siblings/etc) react to energies that are felt.  This is similar to a herd or pack of animals.  It is how our instincts are developed and survival are established (in addition to what is alre...

By: Brigette | August 30, 2017

We each play a role in the shifting consciousness on the planet in a unique way... Never experiencing the "entire" picture, requiring the mirror/reflection of others in order to bring it into focus/clarity. We are only able to see as far and complete as we have gone within ourselves. As we move along our journey and complete initiations that unlock the parts of us that are dormant (our light encoded activations waiting to be triggered by external experiences), we are able to "see" in ways that we had not imagined were possible. A veil lifts and in turn, each time the veil tries to settle into place again, we can CHOOSE to release it. This can be confusing at first because as we begin to experience these new views, our EG...

By: Brigette | July 26, 2017

We are now in the time of the Lion's Gate (Sun in Leo) Portal from July 26 through August 12, with the peak of this energy being on August 8 (8/8). With the influx of energy from the New Moon, and now the increased light and power from this portal it is the perfect time to begin new Spiritual practices as well as continue the ones that are already working.  Talking about the planets and stars isn't something that I typically do, but I think it's important that we acknowledge the cycles of the Universe in conjunction with our own Spiritual growth.  Especially since we are made up of stardust ourselves.

So what exactly is the Lion's Gate Portal?  It is when the Sun, Earth and great star Sirius come into alignment, while Earth is...