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What You Experience

  • You complete your spiritual awakening with your own language to communicate with Source.

  • Anchors to navigate and decipher messages from Source in your new enlightened reality.

  • Shifted perspective to a higher consciousness so you can view situations and experiences you have had and are going to have in the future from an enlightened standpoint.

  • Expanding your consciousness to be able to take in new realities and upgraded versions of yourself.

  • Gain the needed tools to decipher new information that comes in as you continue to ascend.

  • Open yourself to your inner truth so that you can live the highest version of yourself.

  • You become in alignment with your Soul's calling and are able to courageously take action when prompted from Spirit.

  • You successfully merge your professional life along with your spirituality.

  • You are able to surrender outcomes to the Universe because you will come to understand that variables are based off frequencies and will be able to accept every contrast as an opportunity to expand.

  • Your relationships are enriched and you can now hold space for others going through their awakening.

  • People that you oversee and interact with are now able to receive you and understand your communication.

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