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Create Your Reality 2019

Create Your Reality 2019

This workshop was conducted on the afternoon of the December New Moon so that we were able to build on its charge of energy to CREATE a NEW set of patterns for you to follow going into 2019. What you will receive:

*** A guided meditation to open you up for the abundance that the Universe is trying to send you but you are unconsciously blocking.

*** Tools on how to reset patterns that keep bringing you the SAME problems no matter how many different affirmations you have tried to focus on to change them.

*** A fresh outlook on the next year so that you can let go of the anxiety, stress, and self-doubt that has prevented you from taking inspired action in the past.

*** Q and A with Brigette to receive channeled messages on anything that is creating resistance in your current reality.

*** A replay of the workshop so that you can go back and listen to the recording any time throughout the year when you are feeling stuck or unsure of how to move forward (there are ALWAYS layers of energetic information embedded in these experiences so they will continue to unfold and provide wisdom at every step of your upcoming journey this year!)

Below you can register for this $50 workshop! After registering, you will be immediately sent to the workshop. If you are unable to watch the workshop instantly, save the link and you may access it at any time in the future. Please feel free to join my Facebook Group Soul Embodiment Tribe for any additional questions to be answered in regards to this event, OR email me at



"Wonderful webinar! Thank you. I’ve worked with energy in similar ways before, yet you make it feel so “solid” and grounded that now I actually know how to implement it" - Timm Romine  


"It was a great workshop and an amazing way for me to see that I’m still connected after months of not being...the connection is amazing. Love you Brigette." - Cindy Dickerson