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"Do it everyone. Brigette Patton has been a bright light in my life. She is always there when you need her. She is by far the best investment I have ever made in myself! Her LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, COMPASSION and GUIDANCE is priceless!" - Danielle R.

"My Dear and Wonderful Friend,

When I found you it was simply to discuss a dream that I felt to be profound. I never in my wildest dreams imagined my life would change in every aspect.

My sufferings of loss, selling of my successful out of state business and cancer had truly brought me to an eclipse point in my life I didn't even realize I was at. I knew I was meant to do more, own my own business- but what exactly was my purpose here on Earth ?

Soul embodied leadership changed my life and your guidance and support allowed me to find parts of myself I had not been in touch with in many many years. Most importantly, you helped me to find my SOUL and taught me how to listen to it. This was a Total Soul Transformation!

It has been about a year and a half since we met and one year ago my family was living in a dumpy rental, broke and miserable. My husband was in a dead end job, my kids were surrounded in clouds of two parents that were lost. I knew from the first time we talked I needed to leap and take sessions with you and I literally risked everything we had to do it.

With your help, I was able to visualize, manifest and move us out of that dark place. Your counseling gave me enough courage to push my husband out of his dark place and help him manifest the job of his dreams, but not only that, we manifested together a home for our family. 

6 months after finishing your leadership course I have established my own business and have began serving my own clients. 

Thank you for changing not only my life, but the lives of my entire family! 

May your love and service be returned to you 10 fold" 


Soul Embodied Leadership

Create your own reality

Are you looking for guidance and not sure which direction to turn?  Does it feel like there's "something missing" in your life but you can't figure out exactly what it is?  Are you constantly seeking out answers, but are unable to connect the dots?  Do you feel anxious inside of your body without a direction to focus this overwhelming energy?   Do you desire to have a deeper connection to the Divine? When feeling these messages they are to provide you with clarity in order to strengthen the promptings your heart has already whispered. 

You are not the only one feeling this pull towards something MORE, something BIGGER than all of us.  There is a shift happening and we each have chosen to come here not by chance, but for a special purpose to contribute to this expanded awareness happening in humanity.

I have put together an 8 week online course in order to support YOU through this major transformation that will give you access to special techniques that will shift your perspective in a BIG WAY, allowing for life force energy to flow easily to you.  Inconsistencies in energy patterns can cause you to draw in undesired realities.  I am here to guide you through this process to make manifesting EFFORTLESS and PRODUCTIVE so that the next steps can easily be seen and you'll know WHEN to take them!  Balance, abundance and passion can be a part of YOUR life, and in fact it is your DIVINE Purpose to experience it here in THIS lifetime.  

If this messages speaks to you, then you have been brought here for a reason.  Nothing is by chance and we are all drawn to one another in this time to assist in the process through this journey.  To schedule a Synergy Session with Brigette and see how she can guide you on your path, click here.  We look forward to serving you! 

"Since working with Brigette, I have found places deep within myself that I had been searching for for most of my adult life. I have had sessions with her, and I am so amazed at my own personal spiritual growth in between and beyond. Brigette has a way of truly connecting to the energetic realm and channeling questions that are so specific to the inner dialogue going on inside of my head, it's as though she could hear it all plain as day. My understanding of my own thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and hidden intentions behind repeating behaviors just exploded! I am now letting go of all that no longer serves my Highest Purpose. Her guidance along the way was paramount; her feedback, encouragement, and support are bar none compared to anything I've incorporated before. The value she provides is priceless yet worth every single penny. If you want to catapult your spiritual growth into a life of purpose, dedication to the Greater World, and a harmonious appreciation of your Self, then Brigette is your next step on your path. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the details of my work with Brigette. God bless. Love and Light to us all!"  - Krystal G.

Soul Embodiment Introductory Package


This packaged experience is for you to FEEL Divine Light and Guidance through a partnership with Brigette to connect with your Higher Self.  Each month there is new material given that is specific to each client in order to feel a deeper connection to Source and to hone in on the specific promptings of your inner compass.  Sessions are done over the phone so that you can be in the comfort of your own home.  Every call is unique in nature as it is channeled from Source to tune into the vibrations that are being projected in the moment.  This is a monthly investment in yourself that will not only spread light to MORE lightworkers (by supporting this very fulfilling work here in this world), and creates abundance for us all by amplifying where we send energy in the form of money into humanity.  Investing in yourself and your PERSONAL transformation will come back tenfold as you deepen your ability to manifest and create the reality of your dreams.

If this message resonates with you and you would like to begin your monthly membership, you can enroll here: Soul Embodiment Package

"Tribe I just wanted to show you what my work on releasing resistance around money and self worth has done for me by working with Brigette Patton.  I have learned to completely and wholeheartedly love myself and my body and treated myself to a beautiful boudoir photo shoot recently, and manifested a FREE trip. I feel so incredibly abundant and free of the resistance that was holding me back. My heart is full of such love and appreciation and I'll never go back to my old ways of thinking and feeling." - Anne H.

Synergy Session


These 45 minute private experiences are complimentary and offer a retreat into your SELF for a deeper connection to your heart's guidance. These sessions focus entirely on what you need in order to build a relationship with your Higher Self and the Creator.  They are available for scheduling and you can contact me here:  Schedule A Session  

Online support and additional phone consultations are available after your experience in order to provide you with the encouragement needed to deepen your connection to the Creator.  Increased abilities of discernment and intuition will enable you to live a life filled with more peace, love, clarity and courage to walk the path you were designed to.