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"Brigette has been a constant in my life since I first joined the tribe. I was lost and confused about why I had made some huge changes in my life and she was the first person to help me understand I was not crazy. These changes are so much easier with a mentor like Brigette. I invested in me because I knew deep down I needed to release old baggage and I knew I needed someone to help guide me. I tried local counselors and although I made connections, they could not provide me with the support I needed.

I chose to have a synergy session with Brigette and to be honest I had no idea what to expect. What I found was someone I could talk to that was real, not just a a picture on my I pad. It really did not take me long to decide to join the leadership group. I had no idea how I was going to come up with the money to do this, but right from the beginning Brigette said I would attract the money if I was working toward my life's purpose. She was right, I have the money I need coming this week.

One of the biggest gifts Brigette gave me was her immediate support. When I say immediate I mean I recall a day at work having a panic attack and sending Brigette a message and she was right there talking me through it. No mental health counselor I know would be as accessible and invested in me as she was.

Brigette is full of so much LOVE and light that I trust her with all my being. She is one of those people in life that you know even if you messed up, she would still LOVE you. For me that was huge. I needed LOVE and acceptance more than anything.

Did I mention that this was only 2 months ago? I say that because 2 months ago I was going to a job I knew was not for me. I was lost and confused. I wanted to be happy and content. I wanted to wake up in the morning and be excited to have the day; excited to know I was in control of my reality. I wanted a safe place to process my old beliefs ( you know the ones you lock up deep down inside yourself because they are way to scary to even think about touching). I wanted to not have a life I had to medicate myself to get through.

Today I am here. Monday morning 9:37 am. I am sitting in my home, surrounded by LOVE, completely off medication, with money and quiet time to create my new life. I have made new friends through this process that are supportive and full of LOVE and Brigette is still only a message away.

I would urge anyone that is feeling a connection to Brigette to TRUST themselves. Your life will be different in so many ways. You deserve to live a life that brings you JOY!

Light and LOVE,

Danielle Raitt"

"I completed the module 8 regarding abundance. My life and my husband's is evolving, it is slow, but it's happening. After the video I meditated and I was told that I have abundance blocks concerning Limitations and LOSS. After thinking about it, yes -, I feel limited by my LACK the ability to go out into the world and be who I need to be. However , it also brought up I am somewhat still carrying the feeling of LOSS around with me over many things we have lost- house, cars, collectibles, you name it we have started from square one all over. The most significant is the feeling of security.

I never recognized how my energy with money has changed so much until this video. It had me in tears, this was such an emotional thing for me. 5 yrs ago before the bottom fell out, my husband and I had separate pay days. We would be so excited for pay day, we celebrated every pay day with buying each other dinner or cooking a great meal at home ! It was always celebratory! I would always get in my car on the way to work and say " thank you Jesus for my job and my pay check today " ! I was utterly grateful! I donated to many charities and always was helping or loaning others money who needed it. It FELT AMAZING because I wanted to lift others up.

And all happened.
I'm sharing this because I hope it helps any of you who have gone through a total reinvention of yourself after extremely hard times. I became SCARED I couldn't make ends meet. Things started to be lost due to selling them to survive. I became resentful. I became jealous of others who were not going through this type of loss. I became beat down and depressed and sad for not be able to fulfill obligations financially and socially. I became everything I am not. And that's where it went wrong.

Today, I just burned my wallet I've used for years. I cleaned out my cards, put a citrine in with my cash and I feel like I dropped 100 lbs.
This was a big Revelation for me . The energy we attach and give to money is exactly what we get back !! This is life changing for me because it was never recognized until today !!!
Thank you so much Brigette xo" - Jennifer S.

"I experienced my first guided meditation with Brigette and it wont be my last! She was able to break through my beginners resistance, she didn't give up, she remained focused, calm, and was able to guide me on my journey and helped relay wonderful messages to me! She helped me find the answers I needed in order to move on and focus my life towards light and love. I even brought tools back from my guided meditation that I can use during stressful situations. I respect what she does, and the deep connection she has with people is beautiful. Pure love pours out of this woman, visit her and get the guidance you need, you wont regret it! I've also done an angel reading. It literally touched my soul, I will never forget the feeling and am grateful I was able to receive the messages that will continue to help me along my journey. Thank you Brigette~I will gladly share my sea shell with you anytime you need to smile." - Lindsay S.

"I am one who believes in signs and also has faith in a stronger power. I knew that I needed more; more clarity, more answers, more guidance. The third time I saw Brigette mention the angel readings, I finally decided to ask questions. After I learned more, I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone and do a 2 hour face to face, personalized session. I didn't know what to expect. I was fairly closed off/uptight when I showed up to her beautiful property with gorgeous horses greeting me. It took me a few to finally relax, open my mind & my heart and let things happen. Once I did that it was amazing! My favorite part was the horses. I felt truly guided by their "6th Sense". It was a very emotional day for me, but it was just what I needed! I would highly recommend anyone to do this. Whether you are going through a rough time, at a crossroads or just need some clarity, its worth it!" - Molly R.

"I have a lot to look forward to. I feel like I got the confirmation I needed about which path I should go down..." - Anonymous

"I am benefiting from the session with Brigette day by day - and better able to live my intent with all the encouragement Merrick and Ally and our other guides and helpers. A lot of synchronicity that I count on - but had been more intermittent in the past few weeks - has returned to my great unlimited joy. I am glad you did the cord cutting ceremony. I ran sooo much energy during it and certainly had an abrupt cutting of one of them that has led to more smiles. Holding you and ALL of that and ALL THAT IS in my heart and sending the ripples out." - Betsy M.

"As I have begun the journey towards leading a more conscious life, Brigette has been a gentle guide and a strong supporter.  An in-person session with her not only led to a more peaceful, awake state of mind; but also to actual, dramatic relief from physical ailments I had been struggling with for over six months.  It was truly shocking.  She is not there to give you the answers, but rather to help you find the answers you have in your heart and know how to access them, as well as give encouragement and guidance on how to live a more positive, fruitful life. The several angel readings I have had from Brigette were very timely, and helpful in processing emotions and thoughts I had been grappling with.  Brigette’s connection to others is palpable, and I am so thankful that she has helped me to find my own strength and power and to live life truly awake." - Rhea S.

"For a long time I had been throwing around the idea of meditation, learning more about chakras, making connections I knew were missing and also journaling . I had no idea where to start. Then along came Brigette. She was my bridge from heart to spirit. My experience with her is something I will carry with me forever. The connections she helped me make, the "tools" she gave me, the openness I felt in my heart, the energy, there was literally an unspoken language. In just a few short hours I became more connected, purposeful and had this new sense of awareness & calmness all at the same time. I was fulfilled. I'm on a whole new journey now. LOVE HER." - Allie M.

"I was led to Brigette for an Angel Card session after losing two of my loved ones. As a Christian, I didn’t really know what an Angel Card was or if it was something I even believed in, but I hoped it would help with my grief. What began as curiosity and a longing to ease my sorrow ended unexpectedly. The message I received from the angels—through Brigette—that day, revealed my own spiritual gifts, which I am now working to develop. I know without a doubt that I was led to Brigette in a miraculous way in order to discover my life’s purpose." - Anonymous